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New 60 -Year Reunion Committee and Attendees

Front to Back:  Chair Karen McAvoy Sullivan, Kimi Tahira Dowell, Gail Wheeler Bordi, Dave Dowell, Charles Buckley, Jeannie Murray Satre, Marlan Shanks, Yvonne Bisso Smith, and Neal Satre.  Missing from photo (see separate photo below): Charlie and Terry Holbrook.


Charlie and Terry Wilson Holbrook

Neal Satre and Marlan Shanks

57 -Year Reunion Committee


The reunion planning committee met on May 12 to view the facilities at Diablo Valley College and plan a reunion for  September 26.  The committee is shown meeting with the catering manager to work out the menu. Committee members present were Karen McAvoy Sullivan, Glenda Cowden Culeman (and Lee), Charlie and Terry Wilson Holbrook, David and Kimi Tahira Dowell, Marlan and Deborah Shanks Shanks, and Linda Silva Gregoire.

55 -Year Reunion Committee

Reunion Committee - 55 Yr Reunion

Front:  Linda Silva Gregoire, Tanya McLean Powell, Karen McAvoy Sullivan
Back: Glenda Cowden Culemenn, Kimi Tahira Dowell, David Dowell, Lee Culemann, Bill Cook, Paul Matheson, Chuck Buckley, Charlie Holbrook, Gail Wheeler Bordi
Missing:  Phyllis Gonsalves Biddle, Terry Wilson Holbrook, Cathie Lamb Delevati and  Lee Schipper 

50-Year Reunion Committee

50-Year Reunion Committee

Pictured:  Phyllis Gonsalves Biddle, Terry Wilson Holbrook, Gail Wheeler Bordi, Tanya McLean Powell, Cathie Lamb Delevati, Charles Holbrook, Kimi Tahira Dowell, Karen McAvoy Sullivan (Chairperson), Dave Biddle, and David Dowell  
Not Pictured:  Bill Cook, Glenda Cowden Culemann, Linda Silva Gregoire, Paul Matheson, and Lee Schipper