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45-Year Reunion
Held September 13, 2003 at the Concord Hilton    

Photo Album I - Click Here

Photo Album II - Click Here

Photo Album III - Click Here

List of Attendees


David Barber

David  and Phyllis (Gonsalves) Biddle

Carol (Bigby) Hampton

Bryant and Toni Bolen

Kirk and Laura Bowman

Jane (Brooks) Navone

Charles Buckley and Sammie

Carole (Burton) Engler

Noelle (Canonica) and Tom Quesada

Jim Chrislock

Bill and Donna Cook

Glenda (Cowden) and Lee Culemann  

Linda (Curtis) and Jack Besselievre

Carol (DeFrates) Peebles and Larry

David and Kimi (Tahira) Dowell

Patty (Elliott) Wilson

Norman and Lynna Fisher

Karen (Fleshman) and Jim Narberes

John Gideon                

John and Joanne Gotshall

Ed and Mary Grant

Darlene (Hennessy) Hailey

Phillip Hennessy         

Charlie and Terry (Wilson) Holbrook

Claudia Sue (Jackson) Fike

Joe and Maria Johnson

John and Marie Jordan

Howard and Bonnie Joseph

Cathy (Lamb) and Bob Delevati

Carolyn (Lehmer) and Russ Anderson

Ed and Carol Lewis

Dennis Machado

Joy (Machado) and Antonio Rodrigues

Mark and Priscilla Manlove   

Charmetta Mann

Paul Matheson       

Karen (McAvoy) Sullivan

Tanya (McLean) Powell

Mike Mealey

Marie (Melendres) and Vernon Soito

Ken and Neva Mitchell

Bill Mohn           

Stan and Judy (Dwyer) Moore

Diane (Morris) Martinez

Hatsy (Nakagaki) and Tom Yasukochi

Carol (Petrie) and Joe Mushro

Phyllis (Reniff) and Tom Stice

Darla (Roberts) Barclay          

Neal and Jeannie Satre

Lee and Karen Schipper

Sharon (Scott) and Jim Kiker

Linda (Silva) Gregoire

Shiela (Steele) Bacon and James Concannon

Si (Bob) Tarlen and Jane Middleton 

Gail (Wheeler) Bordi



Harvey Berman

Charlie and Linda Karp


                Class of '58 Picnic

                       Heather Farms Park - October 10, 2009

Click here to see slide show with more pictures