Diablo Class of '58 Mini Reunion

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It started when Bill Mohn and his wife Chris decided to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in the Concord area, revive some memories, and see family and friends.  We ended up having a high school class of '58 mini reunion.
Chris and Bill live in Harvard, Massachusetts.


Chris and Bill Mohn

Bill and Chris were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They spent time with Bill's sister, who lives in Concord, and then with David and Kimi at their home in Clayton. They also enjoyed a few days in the Russian River area during the week.


Kimi Tahira Dowell and David Dowell

Kimi and David enjoyed telling about their meeting up at the 40th reunion that let to their marriage in March, 1999.


Judy Peck Shull and Phil Shull

Phil and Judy are amongst the few couples in our class where both parties are members of the class of '58. They have been married for over 40 years.

Can you believe this? They own a 38 foot sailboat and have sailed it to Hawaii and to Mexico. Phil is a sailing instructor for the Oympic Circle Sailing Club at the Berkeley Marina. ("Bay Area Backroads" recently featured the club on TV.)


Chris Mohn and Si's wife, Jane Middleton.

Here's another one! Jane and Si recently bicycled all the way across the state of Iowa with their bicycling club. This is not the first time they have done it; they seem to be making this an annual event.